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Forest is full of life. Trees, ground, flowers, grass, birds, insects, water, wind, everything shine their lives. Beautiful connections among lives last continuously.

“This world is made of small elementary particles.” Probably, many people have heard of this. This does not mean this world is a complex of “independent items.”

For example, a pencil contains atoms of about 25 digit number. (Each atom is made of some elementary particles.) They are not independent but interacting to create connections. Based on the pile of these connections, the pencil exists. If there are no connections, it will fall apart.

Gathering of connections among atoms creates our bodies. Gathering of connections among people creates our society. This world is a complex of “connections.”

If this world is gathering of connections, increment of beautiful connections, which let us fully express our brightness, will make this world beautifully harmonized place. Connections hiding our brilliance should be cancelled. At each cancellation, neither you nor your opponent is bad. the way to connect is not good.

Harmony of forest reminds us how to express our light. Beautiful connections reveal our life force energy and create possibilities to our future.

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